The proliferation of materialism and consumerism has shaped our brains to equate ‘values’ with ‘financial power’, while the values associated with well-being have been shrugged off.

Unlike materialistic values, the other life values are intangible and unmeasurable. That is why they have been neglected in business practices for the sake of temporary profit maximization.

Nevertheless, people always prefer a product that adds richness and depth to the experience of owning and using the brand. And if a brand can provide a wholesome customer journey comprising not only functional but also emotional benefits, these intangible values can be translated into the form of tangible values - or in other words, revenue.

Is art essential?

Unquestionably, art cannot address survival needs.

However, since the prehistoric period, the first modern humans had started to create cave paintings and portable art with decorative figures for worship purposes. The artifacts show evidence of aesthetic consciousness of ancient humans.

It is safe to say that we, humans, share a deep sense of aesthetic pleasure. Through art, we can see the world from a different perspective, challenge our fixed mindset and trigger genuine emotions we suppress in our daily lives.
As art instinct is genetically coded into us, we don't need to be an artist or art critic to unlock the potentials of art in our daily lives.


‘Curate’ is a term commonly used in art. But art is not just about painting, it is anything that’s creatively, passionately and thoughtfully crafted and anything that can have an impact on the way people see the world around them. In other words, art is an attitude that brings quality to any activity we are doing. And these works of art are made up of a combination of many different elements, purposefully aimed at influencing the beneficiary's spirit. And to us, this process is curating.

Why should a working space confine itself to a cubicle space? Why can’t a restaurant be multi-purpose? We believe that any

spaces can be transformed into creative solutions infusing communities with inspirations, aesthetic pleasure, and the sense of wonder.

We curate every element, both tangible and intangible that can make a place, from olfactory to music, light, plants, decor, art and even the activities that happen within the place, in order to stir up multiple players of unconsciousness and sensuality. The finished space is not a result of fussiness, but an art installation bringing a whole new experience to our community and connecting to anyone at a deeper level.

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