Reinvent Saigon | A week of Cultural Experimentation

Ho Chi Minh City

'Reinvent Saigon' is a unique collective of events conceptualized and organized by GocCreation. The cultural week took place simultaneously in 5 different locations in central Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with the ambition to synthesize, reveal, honor, simulate and present new concepts of Vietnamese culture through the lens of local contemporary constructivists.

05 locations - 05 aspects of a city (language, architecture, food, fashion, and entertainment). Each aspect is further deconstructed with the change of time and is expressed through various forms: exhibitions; talks; workshops; performances; presentations; community exhibitions; and a themed dinner party, immersing the participants in a Saigon that is endearing, yet curiously peculiar.

The week brought together nearly 50 leading creative organizations, individuals and artists from all over Ho Chi Minh City; and welcomed thousands of visitors to re-experience and re-learn about the city where they were born and raised.

GocCreation: : Concept development, Direction, Marketing communication

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