Reimagined the highest floors of a complex overlooking Tan Son Nhat Int. Airport

18E Cong Hoa, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

The Republic Plaza offers one of the most luxurious service complexes in Tan Binh district area, which includes: a shopping center, multiple serviced apartments, and a relaxation hub.

We chose a design approach inspired by the airport runway and the dynamism of athletic silk ribbons. This reminds workers of the unique location of the space, while forging a distinct sense of contemporary aesthetics. The curved coral walls of Toong Cong Hoa create a constant flow that navigate users to the interconnected functional spaces.

As the central community space, the outdoor corridor is furnished with a unique set of tables and chairs, surrounded by a 107m-long garden.

This design not only bridges the interior with the outside, but also blends the vibrancy with the quiet, and attaches the private zone to the shared space. Users are then invited to gracefully shift their “postures" and mindsets during the day, in order to contemplate and live to the fullest right where their office is.

GocCreation : Architectural design, Interior & Landscape design, Creative direction, Art curation, Service curation

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