Transform a factory into a wholesome work environment and transcend the class of an office building

It is a common belief amongst investors that a Class B or Class C building cannot be leased at the same price as a Class A building.
Toong 126 Minh Khai was renovated from a 30-year-old printing factory housed in a Class C building, but since the very beginning, we didn’t consider this an obstacle to creating a top-notch workspace for highest quality tenants.

Our team at GốcCreation has envisioned Toong 126 Minh Khai as an oasis right in the midst of a city as frenetic as Saigon, devoted to urban residents who seek serenity, inspiration, and transformation. We worked closely with G8A to hone an oasis landscape that blends architecture and horticulture by expanding two storeys, creating a luminescent skylight and cultivating an indoor garden of tropical plants fulfilling the void between two floors.

We collaborated with French artist and designer Laurent Barnavon to produce “Reflection” - a kinetic installation made of 2018 laser-cut inox triangles and combining techniques of origami and kirigami. As its name suggests, the artwork reflects fragmented images of the whole space, which serves as a little reminded of the multidimensional and infinite possibilities of life.

Toong 126 Minh Khai went into operation in April 2018 and it just needed 6 weeks of trial operation to reach an occupancy rate of 80%. More significantly, the exceptional experience that the place offers has rocketed its rental rate to US$90/m2 and blurred the dividing line between a Class A and Class C building.

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