A whole new world within District 2

Following the success of The Oxygen at the Vista An Phu Complex on Hanoi Highway, the investor placed their trust in us to find a solution to attract a high and good traffic to their newly-built shopping centre Faifo Lane, which is located quite far from the city centre (Phan Van Dang street, District 2, HCMC) and is surrounded by many polluted construction sites.

We thought that the only way to enchant customers was to create such a refreshing, never-before-seen workspace that people would be willing to travel farther for they couldn’t find this sort of atmosphere anywhere else.

In tandem with the architectural firm D1, we decided to employ an unconventional layout which abandons the straight corridors and cubic offices. We also used translucent walls to contradict with the pre-existing rigid design of the whole complex and we planted a garden of 100 Northern plants as a hedge separating Toong Vista Verde and the dusty surrounding.

People who work there can even reach out to pick a few fragrant leaves to make a savory cup of tea and relish the joy that nature grants to us.

Upon consideration on the function of every space corner as well as each single element that makes impact on user experiences such as architecture, interior design and the natural condition, we invited the internationally-acclaimed artist Uu Dam Tran Nguyen to create a bespoke installation artwork right at the reception - the main traffic conjunction of Toong Vista Verde, without sacrificing any net floor area.

The artwork “Breath” was the world’s first large-scale permanent installation made in the form of inflatable sculpture. Passing by such a pioneering creation can be an infinite source of inspiration for Toong members to think differently.

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