Creative director of the first work environment in Phnom Penh

Located on a prominent boulevard that runs centrally across Daun Penh, Phnom Penh’s prestigious financial district and home to a great number of government institutions, historic landmarks, cultural attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés, Toong Monivong aims at leaving a benchmark in the development of the serviced office industry in Phnom Penh’s market, which has been well-acquainted with the coworking space model.

GốcCreation has reached out to Bloom - a local architectural studio based in Phnom Penh to co-create a workplace that artfully reflected the depth and richness of the city, depriving inspiration from the Chinese-style shophouses once resided along the Canal de Vernéville, now the Vattanac Lifestyle Park.

In order to realize a place thoughtfully balanced between cultural heritage blends and modern-day sensibility, GốcCreation has invited Cambodian visual artist to create delicate sculptures and arresting installations that embody a dialogue between aesthetics and sustainability - the values that stay at the core of the brand of Toong.
The workplace will be open in 2021.

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