Revive a million-dollar project once forced shut down

2nd floor Indochina Plaza Building, Hanoi

Spanning an area of approximately 2000m2 in the shopping mall of Indochina Plaza Hanoi (Cau Giay District, Hanoi), the co-working space which is currently known as Toong IPH was previously invested by an international brand with a total budget of millions dollars. However, that brand decided to abandon the project due to a period of unsatisfactory business results.

After Toong's takeover of the project and GocCreation team were invited to participate in refining the customer experience, we started by asking ourselves: Why did a generously-invested and high-quality space at a desirable location fail to succeed? The answer was humbling: The space failed because it failed to truly accommodate humans.

Not only transforming the emotionless corridor by carefully selecting plants that fit impeccably to each corner, and fine-tuning the layout to create some cozy communal spaces, GocCreation also partnered with Davines to integrate a collection of artworks curated by the illustrious artist Le Thiet Cuong into Toong IPH. By placing these artworks - which had been showcased on Hanoi’s book street - at the workspace, we added a visually-striking dash to the interior design, while giving a new life to the artworks themselves.

The refinement has proven its efficiency as Toong IPH has reached a stable occupancy rate of 80%, despite the radical economic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

GocCreation : Interior Design Refinement, Art Curation

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