The first pop-up chain-based art spaces in Southeast Asia

Art is an uncharted territory in Vietnam, which is mostly owing to the fact that there is hardly any professional platform to facilitate the collaboration of audiences, artists and businesses with long-term goals.

Though the millennial generation has taken an interest in art and culture, the fast-paced city life has prevented them from sparing time for art spaces or galleries.

To artists, finding a professional public art space to display works, along with getting recognized by the right audiences, is never a piece of cake.

Meanwhile, most businesses hold a general judgement that investing in art is unprofitable.

GốcLab was born out of a desire of creating a pioneering platform that immerses people in meaningful art experiences while making art a unique selling point that sets your business apart. This is a chain of small and mini art spaces, spanning on a wide range of area from 1 to a few dozen m2 and installed within high-traffic public spaces.

Rather than following the well-established principle of art display which most museums and galleries are applying, we place audiences at the center of all art experiences by rotating artworks among different spaces. This means the world of art is always at your fingertips.

Rethinking the conventional way of showcasing and promoting art is how we not only curate a transformative for you to absorb new, sometimes incredible ideas over time, but also help businesses build such a distinctive customer experience that is inimitable and enhance their brand image. Our art model also gives unprecedented opportunities for both local and international artists regardless of their ages, reputation, preferred subjects, to present their works to thousands of audiences across an ever-growing network of spaces.

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