Resurrect a historic mansion

Here is a location that every business in Saigon dreams of - the center point among the Independence Palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Turtle Lake. Blessed with such a location and a charming architecture that dated back to the golden age of modern architecture in the 1960s, the mansion at 1bis Pham Ngoc Thach still struggled to find a business model that could make a perfect blend of timeless values and financial efficiency. In such context, GốcCreation was invited to join the project to provide a sound business solution for the second floor of the mansion and above.

Upon painstaking research and consideration, we proposed of establishing a Toong working environment on the 2nd - 5th floor of the mansion.We requested the architectural firm to find a way to maximize the net floor area while giving an ode to the remarkable characteristics of Saigon’s modern architecture in the 60s and 70s and forwarding the evolution of each individual.

Preserving the original structure of the building by saying no with elevators, we invited Tran Nu Yen Khe, whose legendary roles in the Vietnam trilogy of filmmaker Tran Anh Hung as well as works of arts showcased at the world's leading auction house Christie's have shaped her illustrious art career - to create a bespoke composition for the ancient staircase. Vortex, as it is titled, produces a kinetic effect as you ascend or descend to elevate you to new heights and adventure.

Toong Phạm Ngoc Thach was launched in late October 2020.

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